The Best Equipment and Additions for Your Swimming Pool in Cyprus

best equipment and additions for your swimming pool in cyprus

Swimming pools are an excellent addition to any home in Cyprus, providing a unique place to relax and exercise. However, to get the most out of your pool, you need to invest in the appropriate accessories in equipment. Here you can find some of the best equipment and additions for your swimming pool in Cyprus.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

They use suction or pressure to remove dirt and debris from your swimming pool, making pool maintenance such an easy process.

Automatic Chemical Feeders

They automatically add the appropriate chemicals to your swimming pool in order to keep the water clean and crystal clear.

Pool Heaters

They give you a chance to enjoy your pool all year round. You can use heat pumps to use electricity to transfer heat into your pool in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Pool Lights

They can be used to illuminate the pool at night and create a beautiful atmosphere for an evening swimming or a relaxing sitting.

Pool Covers

They can be used to protect your swimming pool from debris and evaporation while keeping it warm when the pool is not in use. They are also used to secure your pool when no one is using it. You can also use solar pool covers that can heat your pool by trapping the sun’s rays. You can check Photovoltaics in Cyprus to find out more ways to make your swimming pool eco-friendly using renewable energies.

Waterfalls & Fountains

Add a touch of elegance and serenity to your pool area while adding a wow factor.

Slides & Diving Boards

Create a fun and exciting environment and keep everyone happy.

Pool Loungers & Floats

Relax under the sun and let the water carry you away. Pool loungers and floats offer a comfortable spot where you can loosen up in your swimming pool and enjoy your privacy in silence.

Automatic Pool Vacuums

They are robotic pool cleaners that can be programmed to clean your pool without you needing to move a finger.

UV Sanitizers

These systems use UV light to kill bacteria and viruses in the water, making your private swimming pool safe.

Swim-up Bars

They allow you to enjoy a drink or a snack while remaining in the pool, making it a great way to entertain both your guest and yourself.


What’s more, fun than enjoying music while swimming in your own backyard? Bluetooth or wireless speakers can be an excellent option as they can easily be connected to a device.

Investing in the right swimming pool equipment and accessories can enhance your swimming experience. It is important that you consider your needs and personal preferences when choosing the right equipment and accessories for your private swimming pool in Cyprus. With the right equipment, you can enjoy your swimming pool to the maximum and make the most out of it. Pool Cyprus is here to ensure that you have a unique, fun and safe swimming pool at your home in Cyprus.