The Role of Pools in Increasing Property Value in Cyprus

value of property

Adding a swimming pool to a residential property can increase the value of the property in Cyprus, making it a worldwide investment for homeowners. So, in this blog post you can learn more information about the role of pool in increasing property value in Cyprus. 

Market Appeal and Buyer Preferences

The Mediterranean climate of Cyprus makes a swimming pool a very desirable feature. Buyers usually prioritize properties with pools, viewing them as a symbol of luxury. Based or real estate agents also say that houses with swimming pools, tend to attract more interest and can sell faster than the properties without a swimming pool. The lifestyle benefits of properties that are associated with a pool. Such as matters of relaxation and fitness, resonate strongly with both local buyers and foreign investors seek for the paradise that the island of Cyprus is.

value of property
pool cyprus

Financial Benefits and Property Value

A well-designed pool can increase the value of the property up to 15%. That also depends on the on factors such as location, pool size and the design quality. Properties on coastal areas and upscale neighbourhoods have the heist returns. Real estate experts say that the pool construction often recouped through the added value and appeal that the pool brings to the property.

Expert Opinions and Trends

Real estate experts agree that the demand for homes with a pool has been on the rise over the past years especially among international buyers. It has become a trend towards outdoor living and wellness, and it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the property, and it also adds significant value.

If you want to learn more about the value of swimming pool in a home in Cyprus, make sure to get in contact with Pool Cyprus and learn more information about the construction of a pool in your property.