Pool Safety: Essential Rules Every Pool Owner in Cyprus Should Know

pool safety essential rules every pool owner in cyprus should know

The weather in Cyprus makes a swimming pool an essential part of every house on the island. As time goes by, more and more people decide to have a swimming pool in their yard. However, owning a swimming pool is not just the fun, entertainment and relaxation. It also comes with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of those who use the pool. But how can a pool owner in Cyprus ensure everyone’s safety? Let’s find out the essential rules every pool owner in Cyprus should know.

Install a pool fence

A pool fence is an essential safety feature for pools in Cyprus. The fence can be removable so that it can be placed and removed based on what is happening around the pool, if it is being used and whether kids are around or not. The fence should be tall so that pets and kids cannot enter the pool area on their own and also somehow lock for more safety.

Always supervise

A part of owning a pool in Cyprus is making sure that children or anyone who does not know how to swim, or float is not near the pool unsupervised. Pool owners must make sure there is always an adult present who knows how to swim and can rescue someone in case of a pool emergency. Moreover, all pool owners should always keep in mind that even if children are good swimmers and they insist that they know how to swim, they should always be supervised.

pool safety essential rules every pool owner in cyprus should know

Know CPR

Every pool owner in Cyprus should know CPR. Even if everyone knows how to swim, accidents happen all the time. Knowing how to react in case of an emergency and what to do to help someone who is drowning can really save their life.

Teach swimming skills

Making sure that everyone who might at one point use the pool knows basic swimming skills is essential. Teaching children and inexperienced swimmers basic swimming skills, such as floating and treading water can be lifesaving in case of an accident in the pool.

Have safety equipment within reach

Pools in Cyprus should be equipped with safety equipment such as a life ring or a floatation device. This equipment should always be near the pool and if used, it should be put back in their position so that everyone knows where to find it in an emergency.

Ensure proper chemical balance

Pool water can cause health issues to swimmers if not clean properly or if its chemical balance is not right. Pool owners should maintain their pool in a good condition and regularly test the water and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the water is safe and sanitary.

In conclusion, owning a swimming pool in Cyprus comes with the huge responsibility of ensuring everyone’s safety. The safety tips mentioned above can help every pool owner keep their friends and family safe and prevent any safety accidents form occurring.