How to Choose the Right Pool Shape and Size for Your Property

The size and shape of your pool should be decided after careful consideration as it can greatly impact your pool experience. There are several pool shapes available, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks, therefore it is normal to ask for the professional opinion and recommendation of Pool Cyprus. Here you can learn how to choose the right pool shape and size for your property.

Assess Your Property

To decide on the size and shape of your pool you need to assess your property and the size and shape of your yard. You need to consider the location of trees, if any, and other landscaping features. Moreover, you need to think of everything in your garden and how it could potentially be an obstacle during the construction of the pool or after it is ready.

Consider Your Home’s Architecture and Style

Your property’s outer appearance also plays an important role in deciding the shape of your pool. You need a pool size and shape that matches your property’s character. If you have a modern house, your pool should correspond to its modernity whereas if your property is more classical, the pool should match the classic style as well.

Determine Your Pool Use

Think of the purpose of your pool. This will help you eliminate some pool shapes and sizes and make your decision easier. Will you use your pool for swimming laps, entertaining guests, as rehabilitation for a member of your family or just for relaxation and enjoyment? The purpose of your pool can determine its shape and size. Moreover, you need to think if the pool will only be used by adults. Some shapes are preferable for combining an adult and a children’s pool.  

Consider Your Budget

A factor that greatly affects the size and shape of your pool is your budget. There is no fixed price for swimming pool construction, as the cost depends on the complexity, the design, the size and the features of the pool. What usually costs more is a large pool, a complex tile and other add-ons like waterfalls, built-in spas, water curtains, pool lighting and more.

All in all, deciding on the size and shape of your pool is definitely not an easy task. From rectangular, free-form to roman, L-shaped, kidney and many more pools, the pool professionals in Cyprus will assist you in choosing the best pool size and shape for your place and explain why each shape is suitable or not.