Pool Party Must-Haves: Essential Pool Accessories for Summer Fun in Cyprus

essential pool accessories for summer fun in cyprus

To fully embrace the long and scorching summers in Cyprus, it’s essential to be prepared. If you want to make the most out of this season without constantly battling high temperatures, a swimming pool is an excellent solution. Whether you already have a swimming pool in Cyprus or are thinking about constructing a pool, be sure that you will be hosting a lot of pool parties. To make your pool parties unforgettable, it is essential to have the right pool accessories. In this blog post, we will discuss the essential pool accessories for summer fun in Cyprus.

Poolside Lounge Chairs and Umbrellas

A pool party does not mean that all guests will be in the pool at the same time. Therefore, as a host, it is important to provide comfortable seating options for relaxation and socializing. Poolside lounge chairs and umbrellas are essential accessories to every pool. They offer a cosy spot for guests to unwind, sunbathe, or enjoy a refreshing drink. Moreover, umbrellas provide shade during the hot summer days, allowing you and your guests to cool and enjoy the day at the pool without the risk of getting sunburnt.

essential pool accessories for summer fun in cyprus

Pool Floats and Inflatables

Pool floats and inflatables give life to a pool party. From giant inflatable unicorns and flamingos to chairs and floating islands, pool floats and inflatables make any party more fun while offering relaxation and comfort. Of course, it is important to consider all your guests and have floats and inflatables suitable for both adults and kids, so that everyone can enjoy the pool party in style.

Pool Games and Toys

To make your pool party unforgettable you need to include fun games as well. You can organize a tournament of classic games like water volleyball, pool basketball, and more to keep the excitement high and offer everyone a great time. Moreover, you can have toys such as water guns, dive rings, and beach balls to keep both adults and kids entertained.

Pool Lighting and Decorations

Make sure to install underwater LED lights to create a nice warm ambience once the sun goes down. Additionally, consider adding decorative elements to impress your guests and make your pool party stand out. These can be floating candles, flower arrangements, themed decorations, and any other decorative element you can think of.

Hosting a pool party in Cyprus needs the right accessories to make everyone enjoy their time. You need to gather the accessories that bring comfort and fun to your party so that you and your guests enjoy your time without inconvenience.